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Headshot 1.jpg About Alanna

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Professional: Working in global health [connect on LinkedIn]

Personal: mothering, food blogging, living abroad, taking the occasional picture

Other ways to contact me: Use the form at the top of this page or reach out on twitter - I'm @alanna_shaikh.

News: I'm going to TED in March

Blood and Milk (blog on international development)

  • Things I’ve Been Reading: Miami, Britain, Ebola
    [5 Sep 14, 3:17am] 1. Miami, and delusion. Miami is sinking under water, and everyone pretends it’s not happening. My parents lived in Miami a few years back, and I noticed that myself. everyone went around living in the city – buying real estate, developing la…
  • World Humanitarian Day
    [19 Aug 14, 12:27pm] We are at a time of change and fear for the human race and all life on our planet. Climate change, globalization and its reversal, losses of biodiversity and the depletion of fossil fuels is making this world a very different place than it was even t…
  • SWEDOW: Why are we so obsessed with giving away our old stuff?
    [5 Aug 14, 1:10pm] I’ve always wondered about our obsession with sending old clothes overseas. No matter how many times the idea is debunked by experts and people who rant a lot, the idea doesn’t die. Why? What about giving away our clothes –and other stuff – i…

What's Killing Us (TEDbook)



Media and Speaking Engagements

  • I can talk to you about Alzheimer's disease and my TED talk, but I am not able to provide comments on international development right now. If you'd like me to speak at your conference or event, please be aware I live in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and travel costs to the US are high.
TED Talk: